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We have many options to cater to many different clients. Our energy consultant will present the benefits of each package and make suggestions based on your wants and needs. We personalize every interaction and program for our clients to give the best service possible. But once we find the best option for your situation, whats next?



After you sign your solar contract, 2 million dollars of insurance will be activated so a site surveyor can visit your home and gather the technical information and measurements needed to design your EXACT solar energy system. You can expect the site survey to occur within 48 hours after signing with your energy consultant



Our engineers take the information gathered from the site survey and use it to design a custom system that works for your roof and meets your energy needs. The system design is similar to a set of blueprints and outlines of what your system will look like installed. 



Once the design phase is complete, we submit the plans to your local city or county government for a building permit. The county has a large stack of construction permits for the area and approves them one by one, so it may take a few weeks for your plans to be reviewed and approved by the county. 



The majority of our installations take one day or less. We provide you with a start-to-finish schedule so you can plan your time around the installation to be there. Our installation team will complete the project as efficiently and safely as possible.



Once your new system is installed, we'll schedule an inspection with your local building department. Unless otherwise specified, there is not reason to be home for the inspection. A representative from the utility company performs the final inspection before your system is connected to the power grid. Some utilities will contact you before they contact us with either a letter or a door hanger. If you receive a notice, please contact your Energy Consultant.  



It is time to enjoy the benefits of clean solar energy. After receiving permission from your local utility company, you can turn on your system! Who knew saving money could be so good for our environment!

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