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Solar & California - A Perfect Match

We live in one of the most beautiful, sunny areas of the United States. With many areas seeing 250+ sun-filled days each year, The Golden State is the perfect place to take advantage of the sun's powerful energy.

Simple & Easy


We'll walk you through the process step-by-step, from the initial plans to the permits and paperwork. Simple.

Save Money


Solar in California often costs less than energy from your average utilities. That's money in your pocket!

25-Year Warranty


Peace of mind is great. That's why we offer monitoring and protection of your solar panels for the long term.

Installation Included


Our California solar crew is experienced to make sure your system is installed right the first time.

Start Here for

California Solar Panel Quotes

Save Money and the Environment with Solar.

California is our home, too. That's why we're proud to help neighbors like you cut your expenses to live better lives and produce clean energy for a larger purpose. Our beautiful, natural environment benefits from your dedication to reduce carbon footprint.

How Do We Get Started?

It's easy! Our local team of solar panel and energy experts in California will hold your hand through our seamless process. That means you'll go from old-world energy to green, solar energy and cost savings virtually overnight.

1. Free Consultation

We start out by taking a look at your energy needs to provide you with an estimate of how much you can save by going solar with Go Daylight Energy. The best part is we'll answer your questions honestly, making your decision simple and pain-free.


2. Designed for California's Sunshine

We know The Golden State well. In this second step, our team of solar energy professionals will create a custom system for you. Your customized design will maximize your ability to shrink your energy bill with all those sunny California days.

3. California Permitting

Your own personal Customer Success Manager will make sure that all of the permits and paperwork your city and local utility company require are handled. Your job is simple - sit back, relax, and wait for installation day and your energy savings.

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4. Expert Installation

It's installation day! Our trained team of solar panel experts will have your new solar system up and running in only 4-8 hours. Of course, if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them for you throughout our seamless process.

5. Activation Day!

One final step - your local utility and municipality must give permission for us to connect your panels to the grid and start generating clean energy. This is called Permission to Operate, or PTO. That's it! Once you're connected, let the savings begin with the California sunshine every day.


What Goes Into My Solar Quote?

The cost of solar panels can vary from home to home. Check out these three key factors we consider when compiling your custom solar quote for California.

Your Solar Plan

We have four solar plans available so that you can customize your experience. Your quote relies on which plan is best for you.

Your Location

You are so fortunate that you live in The Golden State. We'll use your location as part of our math to get you the best quote available for your home.

Net Metering & Incentives

Net metering is a billing mechanism that helps solar customers. You may be able to sell the excess power that your solar panels generate.

Choose a Solar Panel Plan That Works For You.

You now have the freedom to choose when it comes to your power bill. We've designed four different solar panel plans with flexible payments and rates to match your energy savings goals. Perfect for the California sunshine!

Solar Purchase

Buy solar panels outright and see IMMEDIATE MONTHLY SAVINGS on your power bill

  • No monthly payment to Go Daylight Energy

  • Maintenance options available

  • Product & workmanship warranty**

  • Upfront cost, keep tax credits & incentives


Solar Loan

Pay for your panels over time with an AFFORDABLE MONTHLY PAYMENT

  • Low monthly payment to financing partner

  • Maintenance options available

  • Product & workmanship warranty**

  • Little to no upfront cost, keep tax credits & incentives

* * * * * * *

Solar PPA

Go solar for NO UPFRONT COSTS and lock-in low energy rates

  • Low monthly payment to Go Daylight Energy

  • Maintenance options available

  • Product & workmanship warranty**

  • No upfront cost

Solar Purchase

Lease solar panels for NO MONEY DOWN and get guaranteed solar production

  • Low monthly payment to Go Daylight Energy

  • Maintenance options available

  • Product & workmanship warranty**

  • No upfront cost

Get Your Free Solar Quote.

Every home is different, so the best way to find out how much you'll save with solar panels is to schedule a free consultation with a solar rep in the The Golden State.

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